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After a search of 17 years we finally found her. The Medinilla Dolce Rossa. This beauty takes her name from the deep red flower clusters which you can enjoy for months on end. The Medinilla Dolce Rossa comes close to the Medinilla Dolce Vita when it comes to durability and care taking. The Medinilla Dolce Rossa is easy to care for, has a long flowering and better durability, even in the winter months.

The Medinilla Dolce Rossa is the first red flowered Medinilla with a good durability.

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Chef Fleur

Chef Fleur is our label under which we only sell the highest quality Medinillas possible. If you buy a Medinilla from Chef Fleur, you can be sure of the best quality. To be able to guarantee this, we made a list of criteria which the Chef Fleur Medinilla’s has to comply with.

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Product range

We have been looking for new and special Medinilla species on the most remote places on the planet. We have been crossbreeding these species for years to expand the range of extraordinary Medinillas and to better the duration of the Medinillas. To be sure that we found the Medinilla with the best characteristics, we test our new species for at least 7 years before we bring them on the market. The result is a range of four astonishing Medinilla species, each with their own eccentric qualities.



We want the best for nature and her inhabitants. That’s why we think it is important to invest in sustainability. The biggest challenge in this is that the sustainability is not at the expense of the quality of our product. We are already hot on the case and intend to continue doing what we can. What are we doing to be sustainable? Read our action points.



The Medinilla grows best at a minimum night temperature of 17°C and a maximum day temperature of 25°C.

Verzorging water

The Medinilla is an easy plant to take care for. The Medinilla is rather a bit too dry then too wet. Only water the Medinilla when she is really needed. You can easily notice this when the leaves of the Medinilla are starting to hang limp or by feeling that the soil is dry.

Verzorging zon

It is important that the Medinilla gets a lot of light in winter. A location near the window is perfect in this period. In summer time direct sunlight is too strong for the Medinilla. The best place for a Medinilla in summer is on a light place, but out of direct sunlight.

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