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The promise of Chef Fleur is that you always buy the highest quality Medinillas. But what is the highest quality in our opinion? We have seven criteria that a Chef Fleur Medinilla has to comply with before they are allowed to be sent to the customer.

You can expect the following from the Chef Fleur Medinilla

The Chef Fleur Medinilla comes with a flowering warranty which is written on the back of the etiquette. If we can’t guarantee that the Medinilla will be in full flower, we won't sell them under the Chef Fleur label.
Chef Fleur guarantees you, as a reseller, get uniform plants into your shop.
Chef Fleur guarantees you that the Medinilla is delivered without any pests or diseases.
Chef Fleur delivers every plant with enough fertilizer in the soil so that you don’t need to fertilize the Medinilla during the first flowering period.
For Chef Fleur Medinillas, we only count the flowers that are nicely placed between a pair of leaves. If there are more flowers on one stem, then you get these for free from us.
Chef Fleur Medinillas are delivered with a label of a real-size flower. This makes it easily visible for your customer and/or the consumer how the Medinilla will flower.
Chef Fleur Medinillas are delivered in a firm and elegant present gift cover. This gives the Chef Fleur Medinilla, as a gift or to take home, the exclusive appearance that she deserves.