The Medinilla is an easy plant to take care for. If you take care of the plant well, you won’t enjoy the exuberant flower of your Medinilla for weeks, but for months. Below, we have added some points to help you enjoy your Medinilla and her flowers for as long as possible, including on how to make the Medinilla flower time and time again.

Temperature and light

The Medinilla grows best if she is in a light place. She prefers a place near a window. In the winter period the Medinilla likes direct sunlight as much as possible. However the Medinilla can burn from direct sunlight in summer so avoid placing the Medinilla in direct sunlight.

In nature the Medinilla grows in the axils of trees in the tropical and sunny areas. Here the Medinilla gets protected from direct sunlight by the foliage of the trees. The ideal temperature for the environment of the Medinilla is between 17°C and 25°C. You can extend the flowering of the Medinilla when the temperature is closer to 17°C.



The Medinilla doesn’t need a lot of water, it is always best to under water than over water. It is easy to see when the Medinilla needs watering, the leaves of the Medinilla will start to hang limp; this is especially visible on the Medinilla Dolce Vita and the Medinilla Dolce Rossa. When you give the Medinilla a glass of water, the Medinilla will brighten up again. There aren’t many plant species that make it so easy for you.

The Medinilla also likes being sprayed with water now and then, but it is not compulsory. The Medinilla doesn’t need any feeding, because our Medinillas get enough fertilizer from the greenhouse to get through the first flowering period.


After flowering

After flowering we recommend you take out the old flowers. The Medinilla will then make new shoots with leaves at the place where the flowers were. If these shoots are fully grown, you can put the Medinilla in a cooler place (16 to 18°C). By cooling the plant, the growth of new flower buds gets triggered. But look out, the plant constantly needs daylight.

The Medinilla can be placed back to the normal temperature when the new flower buds are clearly visible. By putting it back in a warmer place, the flower buds can develop themselves into new splendid flowers. If you want the Medinilla to flower well again, is good to feed the Medinilla. We advise doing this with Orchid fertilizer. Just like the Medinilla, an Orchid is also an epifyt. This means that they live in the axils of trees where they take out their food from natural waste of the tree that falls in to the axil.



If you want to repot the Medinilla, the best choice is to do this in the spring. The reason for this is that the Medinilla has the most growth power in spring because of the increasing brightness of the sunlight. Plant the Medinilla in skimpy forest soil or peat without fertilizer or calcium for the best results.



When your Medinilla grows well, she makes growth sugars. We get a lot of questions about this, but there is no reason to worry about this. It is a good sign when your Medinilla makes these sugars.